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"it's the time of loss, old gods left us, they left us without warning, without signs.

our rune islands up in the sky started falling and splitting into multiple dimensions.
whole midgardr depends on them, if they fall - we fall with them.

our island - runfel was split into four dimensions, if either of its dimensional copies
sinks below critical level, it will be the end of us. however runestones
which are placed on them are different matter, as long as atleast one
 exists - that's enough, but with each their dimensional counterpart gone
their energy grows dim and harder to harvest, so it's best to keep
them all up to gather maximum amount of energy.

i'm only a lesser god, i can't keep runfel floating forever, but atleast
i'll try to harvest as much rune energy as i can for the dark ages to come."


LMB (left mouse button)

ALT+F4 to quit game

Instagram:  https://www.instagram.com/jackeberwolf/ 

Soundcloud:  https://soundcloud.com/jack-eberwolf

Discord: Jack Eberwolf#5661


Runfel.zip 25 MB

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